Chemicals massacre


Bashar al-Assad have killed dictator Middle East 100 thousand Syrian citizen 3 years ago, and so far no one helps the Syrian people.
All countries stand idly just what is happening, and now has moved states desire to protect the people or for any other purpose In both cases, this move is useful to stop the blood of the Syrian people.
Many are afraid to be hit disciplinary will kill the Syrian people do not care about whether the system could kill 100 thousand people so far and in both cases a lot of people have lemon at the hands of the Syrian regime or strike Western, we Syrian people believe death at the hands of America's better than death the hands of the Syrian regime and died a number of innocent people will be much less than the kill order or we will kill them.
So we ask the Syrian Arab people, from governments or peoples and organizations of the world to the vote and pressure on them to hit the Syrian regime and to help us.

Finally, I have a request is that Angel every person that died slaughtered or weapons, or by chemical huh his brother, mother or sister in this case, brought in feeling and whether the system will hit the Tide.
Each of talking about the rejection of the strike is either pro-system and do not care that the Sunnis were killed, or it is outside the Syrian talks and is not affected by the Syrian crisis, or that he is a Syrian
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