sad angels


Do you know that you serve a God that is so concerned with what happens in your life that He

bottles your tears. There isn't anything that goes on in your life that is so small or so trivial that God doesn't care.

Take a moment to reflect on that. To know that when my feelings may get hurt over some small thing (at least to everybody else), God knows and cares about it just as I do. He is touched by every one of my sorrows and every one of my pains. Because God is so awesome and because He holds the world in His hands, sometimes it's easy to think He only has time for us when we have a major crisis in our lives. But that's what makes Him so awesome. He can hold the world and little ol' me all at the same time. What a mighty God we serve!

So the next time something happens in your life and you feel no one cares, remember God does. He cares enough to bottle your tears.
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